Hello and Welcome to Claremont Faculty Association's Website
 CFA hopes you find this website informational and valuable for learning about important functions of our association.  Members who work for Claremont Unified School District work in the beautiful city of Claremont, California. There are 8 elementary schools, before and after school daycare programs at every elementary school, one intermediate school, and two high schools. This website is to inform our members and the community of various events, policies and educational concerns which involve the Claremont Faculty Association.

                                                                                                 Have a wonderful summer! 

CFA's 7th E- Letter May 2014

is made up of
teachers, psychologists,
counselors, and certificated 
child development personnel
 who work 
in the 
Claremont Unified 
School District

141-B Harvard Ave.
Claremont, CA.